Bingo has always been considered as one of the most fascinating games of today’s world. There are lots of things that make this game so wonderful. First of all, the rules that definite the game of bingo are really simple to understand, and they are quite few as well. Secondly, the things that you will need to play bingo games can be purchased easily. In fact, you can even make those items at your home. Bingo bags are one such bingo accessory that is quite easy to make it home. You can create a barrel-type bag in which you can store your bingo card daubers in outside pockets. And, you can use the inside space to store items like glue, change, stick, and many more.

Well, things that you will need to create bingo bags are scissors, coffee can, measuring tape, sewing thread, sewing needle, straight pins, safety pin, lightweight patterned fabric, ribbon or drawstring cord, and sewing machine. Below are the steps that you need to follow:??? Using the scissor cut out a circle from patterned fabric, and it should be half inch larger than the radius of the coffee can cover.??? Now, cut a 22 x 12 in piece from the plain fabric.??? Again, cut a 22 x 6 in from the patterned fabric. Now, fold over half inch around the top and stitch them.??? Place the patterned piece of fabric on the plain piece in a way that the bottom edges match each other. Using pencil draw a mark roughly 3 inch segments on the patterned one. Stitch them from top border of patterned fabric to plain bottom edge.??? Now, fold up 2 layered fabric piece in ?? in a way that the right section will come together; and sew them. In order to make it more stable, you can use the zigzag method. Similarly, fold in top of plain piece of fabric to create a ?? inch casing. Stitch them down.??? Slice a tiny hole on the outer side of casing; and manually stitch around the border of the hole to avoid raveling. Take a safety pin to attach it to the edge of a 28 inch drawstring. Using the pin maneuver the drawstring through the casing, make it go through the hole then through the casing, and finally out of the hole.??? Finally, stitch the right sections of the patterned together and also the bottom region.